April 19, Trump Plaza.....
Rumor that LV Steve was going to be brought up on criminal mischief charges for his April 1 fountain walk, Jon Heller wanted to set the record straight.  "what Steve did was to send a message to our fans.   ....technically he broke the law, but we gained fans, and he was proving to the world that people, not just Jesus, can walk on water.  I think the only crime that was committed that day, was his singing was out of tune."   When asked when the next performance of PTL Devil would be, Jon said "expect the unexpected.   Believe in the non believers.  See what can't be seen, touch what cant be touched.  Hear PTL Devil.  You will know when we play"

APRIL FOOLS PRESS CONFERENCE.... Location.... St Patrick's Cathedral.  Usual day for PTL DEVIL whose sermon on the mount this day was about Corinthians 13, as all who witnessed this event  thought that LV STEVE was becoming religious, then he replaced the lord with himself....... strolled to a local fountain, walked across the fountain getting his knickers wet, singing Knockin' on Heavens Door.  He replaced the lyrics "Mama i walkin through the  fountain... If he walked on water so can I.... I'm getting wet, and so was he.... feels like i'm soakin in heavans door"  What will they do next.

PRESS CONFERENCE, MARCH 9, 1999....LV Steve was asked at the press conference "is that true you recently had an overdose and wound up in the hospital?"  Steve responded, "there was no overdose", and he broke out singing a song called   A Helpless Line  embarrassed by LV Steve's antics... Jon Heller added...... "PTL DEVIL is about music and world domination.  Just wait until  our next show and our new songs.... you will see PTL DEVIL stronger than ever."

PTL DEVIL LAUNCHES THE WORLD'S HOTTEST STORE.....December 5, 1998 PTL DEVIL launches online shopping for all of the HOTTEST merchandise available.  the LV, aka Steve, was quoted as saying "we are so close to the holidays.. and wouldn't it be nice to do all your holiday shopping in one place... shop at the Hot Spot... "

SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!! PTL DEVIL show at the Raynham/Colvin wedding was another masterpiece. The three song set included I Found You, Running to Stand Still (U2) and the new song I Feel Love. PTL DEVIL would like to thank Rich and Helen and to Congratulate them once more.


PTL DEVIL would also like to thank THE HONEYMOON SUITES for their help and use of equipment. THE HONEYMOON SUITES had a brilliant show. Their album "Greatest Hits Jan.1997-Jan.1998" is not available in the U.S. yet. E-mail PTL DEVIL for more information about them. Hopefully they will be touring the U.S. in 1999. They are a band with a great future. Everyone will know who they are soon!

At the post tour press conference in Miami, lead Guitarist Jon was quoted as saying, "This tour was so amazing, that I would go and do it again tomorrow. The people and country of South Africa will forever be considered a "Hot Spot" to PTL DEVIL." Look for PTL DEVIL to return to the studio to record another song or two for an upcoming single. Once again, Thanks to everyone for their love and support of PTL DEVIL. CHEERS!!!


Go SA Springboks!!!    


PTL DEVIL NEWS UPDATE............ ****At a press conference held on August 15,1998, PTL DEVIL announced the dates for their upcoming tour of South Africa. Here is the complete list:......... 10/14.....New York City..... 10/15.....Johannesburg..... 10/16-20Kruger National Park..... 10/21.....Cape Town................ 10/22.....The First Annual SRC Tribute Concert........................... 10/24.....The Colvin/Raynham Wedding in Newlands featuring The Honeymoon Suites..... 10/25.....Miami, FL.................... 10/25.....New York City.................... ..........END of TOUR ..... $$$$$ These dates mark the first of many international tour dates for PTL DEVIL. $$$ At the pres conference, Lead Singer Steve was quoted as saying," I can't wait for the people of South Africa to love us. Obviously the highlight of the tour will the SRC tribute concert. It's about time they paid tribute to me." Lead Guitarist Jon was quoted," I can't wait to see our many fans, especially in Cape Town, and to get to perform with The Honeymoon Suites. I have heard some really good things about them, musically and otherwise. South Africa I know you cannot wait for us to arrive, see you in October." As always keep your eyes to this site for the latest information about the smartest Rock band in the world, PTLDEVIL!


"BLAME", The new single was completed on June 27,1998 at KMA Studios in New York. "This is the new sound of dance" says song writer Jon Heller, "This is a totally groovy new sound for us. We like it and we know our fans will as well." Right now "Blame" is only available by request. But look for it in wide release soon! $$$$$$$$$$$ New PTL DEVIL tour shirts coming soon. Watch this web site for more details!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PTL DEVIL TO PLAY SOUTH AFRICA..... At a press conference on April 25,1998, PTL DEVIL announced plans to perform in Johannesburg and Cape Town in October, 1998. These shows will be the first international shows ever performed by PTL DEVIL. Asked if the world was ready for PTL DEVIL, Lead Guitarist and Keyboardist Jon Heller responded," I don't know if they ready for us yet, but I know we're ready for this great undertaking." "We are excited to be performing for the people of South Africa. These shows will go down in history as the best rock 'n' roll shows ever, 100% entertainment!" The official dates and times have yet to be announced. As soon as they are, they will be listed here at the official PTL DEVIL World Wide Web home.

$$$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Dateline April 3-4,1998..... KMA Studios, 1650 Broadway, NY,NY........ PTL DEVIL finished their newest 5 song EP. The songs include "Lost At Sea" , "I'm All Alone" , "I found You" , "Debt of Love" and "Shadows". The EP will be available soon. Advanced orders are being taken now. Reserve your copy.  Please specify CD or tape. This EP represents a new complete and electronic sound for PTL DEVIL. The five song set will become a classic.