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5/12/01 Website Updated
"It's EVEN better then RADIATION treatment!"
Summer Tour Planned
Trump Plaza Fiasco
April Fools Press Conference
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" You'll have to Pay to Get IN"

The Story of PTL DEVIL

It was the summer of 1991, the whole world was in crisis....... Jim Bakker gave up his PTL ministries, Rev. Tilden was arrested for tax evasion, and Saddam Hussein was making a mockery of George H.W. Bush. The DEVIL was most certainly here! We, had something HE wanted. We had $$$$MONEY$$$$. $$$$MONEY$$$$ is what he wanted. We made a DEAL with HIM. The DEAL: We bought HELL! To get more people FIRED up, and to attract the tourists, we changed the name to "THE HOT SPOT". We offer HOT WINGS, and a separate "HOT-DRY BAR". There is 24 hour PTL DEVIL music playing. (Due to state restrictions, only the MUZAK versions of PTL DEVIL songs are allowed to be played from 4a.m. to 6a.m.) Fire turned to GOLD and even Jesus had to pay the cover charge to get in. Oh "THE HOT SPOT", what a beautiful place. 

Now that HELL is all OURS, 
check out our ALBUM.............