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Lost At Sea

Drifting Along
Drifting Away
the sea is so calm
I am all alone

drifting along
I'm drifting away

All the time
I think of you
All this time
I'm lost at sea

You feel my love
You feel a cry
a cry for what
you don't know
you dont care
I still love you

Drifting along
I'm drifting away
Here alone
I'm Lost at Sea


I Found You

One day
You came to me
you turn away
I found you

run away
to a distant land
will you take my hand
I found you

Sitting there
in a cold blue stare
you take my heart
you take me there
I found you

Midnight around
the darkness surrounds
My beating heart
I found you

I wait I wait
for day to break
until your love surrounds
My beating heart
I found you.


And in the morning hours
I stumble in to my house late
Didn't want to tell you
So I snuck up in to my room

I placed a gun on to my forehead
Saddened to pull the trigger

And if you hadn't knocked on my door

Damn I would be dead
I see the fear in your eyes
Saddened by the tears you cry for me
Enticing me into conversation
And making me feel strength
So the tears turned into joy
Etching scars from my past

Not so much to show them to you
On this eve of the new year
Try and understand

A day will come and go

Cry if you must
Run away
I will go with you
My spirit and my love
Escaping from this world

Let me go
On this secret journey
Verifying the love you gave me
Escaping to be free.

copyright 1993 PTL Devil
"Aids is a disease, not a crime, Love!"