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A Day in the Life of America

Iím going outside into New York City
Going around see the poverty
So many people living without homes
Too many people without clothes.
Peeking around into the city streets
Couldnít help but notice the rich manís feats
So many people who are buying drugs
Too many alkies filling jugsÖÖ

  Coming back into my hometown
Limping back to where the poor man roamed
I take a walk down to the beach
There are so many goals which I could reach
Sailing my boat down the Atlantic coast
Feeling the presence of a soldiers ghost
So many people who were lost at sea
Remembering the men who kept us free.

America, America

  Iím walking down to the Midwest farms
I see a plant of nuclear arms
The wasted money thatís put above my head
That money could have saved, all those dead
I finally reach the Golden State
A prayer to those killed at the earthquakes fate
I took a stroll in through their city
So many things that werenít pretty

America, itís where I live
America, itís what I love
America itís where I live

  Sitting in class in my old school
Remembering that famous, Golden Rule
Family friends the ones I love
The forests the oceans the stars above

  I saw a show where a rich man gives
All this money helped a poor man live
A tragic blow brought us all together
I hope this feeling will last forever

America, itís where I live

America, itís where I live

(copyright 1992 PTL DEVIL- all material copyrighted 1987-2009)